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After living in the northeastern part of the country for our whole lives, my husband and I finally moved south.

We’d had enough of temperatures down to twenty five below zero and snow piling up in drifts. We were tired of paying huge heating bills, shoveling snow and being forced inside the house for more than half the year. I’d been forced to give up my gym membership because the roads were so often impassable due to the weather conditions. Even with some gym equipment, working out inside the home is not all that enjoyable. I was very limited in what I was able to do. We bought a much smaller house in a really lovely community. While the weather can get a bit cool, the temperature never drops below freezing. I can always dress warm enough to exercise outdoors. One of my favorite things about our new location is the proximity to a bike path. The path is paved, prohibits motorized vehicles and extends over sixty miles in either direction. As soon as we got unpacked and settled into our new home, I bought a bicycle. I outfitted with a good sized basket, comfortable seat, water bottle holder and a phone holster. I strap a cordless speaker to the handlebars and listen to music while I cycle. It takes me about twenty minutes to ride my bike to a soccer field. I use the field to run wind sprints and do a series of lunges, squats and abdominal crunches. I spend about thirty minutes exercising at the field and then go through some stretches before getting back on my bike. I can easily increase the demands of the workout by shifting to a higher gear and pedaling faster. I target all different muscle groups and always feel like I got a great workout. Plus, spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on my face puts me in a good mood.

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