Careful about lifting weights

I’ve found that running, cycling and swimming create the body shape that I want

I really like to lift weights. I enjoy working the different muscles in my arms and shoulders and the feeling of accomplishment. I like to see how much weight I can manage. I strive to have definition of muscle in my arms and legs. However, I am a 55 year-old-woman. I weigh around 120 pounds and am just over five feet tall. I don’t want to be built like a weight-lifter. I would rather not develop huge muscles and look masculine. I don’t allow myself to workout with heavy weights. I have a series of free weights that include two-pound, five-pound and eight-pound options. I stick to low weight and high repetition and attempt to target all different muscles. I only allow myself to lift three to four days per week. I focus more on aerobic exercise. My goal is to slim and tone. I workout every morning for approximately an hour. I always begin with a dedicated stretch. Once I’ve warmed up my muscles, I make sure to get my heart pumping and strive to get out of breath and sweaty. I run wind sprints, jump rope and go through lunge-jumps, burpees, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. I also include lots of lunges, squats and abdominal crunches. Instead of lifting weights, I often use my own body weight for plank holds. I hope to maintain my strength without getting bulky. I’ve found that running, cycling and swimming create the body shape that I want. As much as I enjoy working out with weights, it’s better for me to concentrate on cardio.



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