Changing the temp without getting up

For me, everything changed about a year ago.

For the best.

Life has been so much better since the pandemic affected everything about the way I work – all the way down to the central HVAC settings. The air quality at our office is not well managed, so I’ve been happily staying at home to avoid the virus for a year. And it’s been the best experience. I never appreciated commuting every day for work, and please, don’t even get me started with all the wasted time and energy every morning during the 1.5 hour drive. It was always so horrible for me, just sitting with my heating system blasting in the traffic downtown as frigid air pounded into my car. It felt awful and it cost a lot in energy expenses. After that, I would arrive at the office downtown and it would get even worse. I’m sure you know already, setting one central thermostat for an office full of people means too many indoor air temperature control opinions in one place. The entire office could never agree on a single temperature for the large central heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment. And somehow it was my job to control the HVAC settings for everyone. This meant I never got my work done. All my coworkers were getting into fights about the air conditioning system or heating unit that wasted all my precious time each day. My productivity was much lower at the office with all the trips to the thermostat. Not to mention the fluctuating temperatures and the professional HVAC service workers walking through the office whenever we broke the system. Since I finally began working from home I have been so comfortable with my HVAC settings. Since I have a smart thermostat, controlling my indoor temperature has never been easier. I don’t have to fight with anyone and I don’t even have to get up from my desk to alter the temperature control settings.


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