Don’t Insult My HVAC System In My Own Home

It has always annoyed me when people have bad attitudes.

I get that life can sometimes get you down a little, but there’s no reason to consistently be pessimistic or worried about life in general.

Nothing good will come of that.These types will drag everybody around them down. It is best when everybody is positive and not trying to cause stressful situations and environments. I love having people over to my condo all the time, but I hate having negative people spoiling the party. One time there was this guy who was drunk by the time he turned up to my house along with one of my friends. He started talking trash about my air quality and how my Heating and A/C was crap and I really needed an Heating and A/C tune-up.First of all, I am on a Heating and A/C plan maintenance plan, so I have some of the finest professionals consistently checking out my Heating and A/C system, then my air filters are high quality and they are changed correctly and regularly! Also I get regularly scheduled Heating and A/C plan tune-ups and my energy bills are severely low because of how excellent my Heating and A/C runs. I even have a UV air purification plan on top of all that. This guy felt stupid after I told him all this in front of everybody and I kicked him out of my condo and told him never to come back! My friend who brought him stayed with the party too! I really can’t understand negative people!

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