Fighting over the thermostat

It’s the age-old argument that’s introduced Strife to many relationships.

The temperature of your home.

No matter what, we can’t seem to bridge the gender gap when it comes to the thermostat. So, why are women always reaching for extra layers while men complain about how warm the houses? Well, apparently it’s not just another gender stereotype. It turns out that genetic differences between men and women cause them to feel cold differently. Women have a more evenly distributed fat layer which allows them to pull warm blood back to their core organs. This explains why a woman’s core temperature is higher than a man’s. Female bodies are more effective at storing heat than male bodies. When all of the blood is pulled back to the core, that leaves a little warmth for a woman’s extremities. Our extremities determine when we are cold or hot. So when a woman’s hand and feet experience a drop in temperature, they feel cold immediately. The body’s metabolism is responsible for producing heat energy. Because men have a naturally higher metabolic rate than women, their bodies are able to produce heat at a higher rate. That means that men don’t feel the cold as easily as women do. But, that also means that men have a lower tolerance for warmer temperatures than women do. Not everything is determined by your gender when it comes to feeling warm or hot. Other factors that affect how easily you feel the cold include your body’s amount of fat, how active you are, and whether you smoke or not. To prevent thermostat wars without sacrificing any one’s comfort you can upgrade to a programmable thermostat or zone your HVAC system and both genders can be comfortable at the same time in a home.

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