Furnace maintenance provides peace of mind

I live in the northeastern part of the country, along the edge of one of the Great Lakes.

My area is known for the severity of our winter weather.

The season is especially long and brutally cold. We typically start up the furnace in early September and expect at least several inches of snow on the ground by Halloween. Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are often celebrated during blizzard conditions. We deal with approximately eight months of cold, snowy weather and temperatures all the way down to negative twenty-five degrees. The heating system is an essential appliance. It carries a heavy workload and is essential to comfort, safety and the integrity of the home. The performance of the furnace affects indoor air quality and budget. It keeps my family warm and prevents water pipes from freezing. I need the heating system to operate at peak reliability, capacity and energy efficiency. I certainly don’t want to waste money on higher than necessary energy bills or repairs. I make every effort to minimize the risk of dust and other contaminants getting introduced into breathing air. Because the furnace utilizes a combustion process, there’s always a small risk of carbon monoxide leakage. The best way to optimize the benefits of the furnace and minimize problems is through regular maintenance. I change the air filter every month without fail. The filter helps to prevent pollutants from getting inside the system and causing havoc. I also schedule service with a licensed HVAC professional every fall. The technician takes care of inspecting, cleaning and tuning all components. He verifies the safety of the heat exchanger, tightens electrical connections and lubricates moving parts. If he finds any potential problems, he takes the necessary measures to ensure dependability from the furnace. This regular maintenance fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and also provides peace of mind.

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