How I Survived My Hot Climate’s Hottest Months.

It’s no secret that living in a hot climate can pose its own unique challenges.

Living in a hot, humid environment, I’m not a stranger to the accommodations that I found myself having to make for where I live.

I would leave my windows open in hopes of a draft, position multiple fans in front of me, and even buy boxes upon boxes of popsicles in hopes of beating the heat. In my climate, some of the hottest days can reach and climb to temperatures of up to 100 degrees, far surpassing anything that I’d be naturally comfortable with. Of course, this could never be easy for any human being, and all of us were determined to beat the heat in some way or another. As I’ve grown and gotten older, I have learned to survive my climate’s hottest months by making sure that my air conditioning system is properly up to date and functioning well. When my air conditioner has been repaired or updated in time for summer, I can rest assured in knowing that I’ll be comfortable and cool all summer long— no matter how hot the world around me gets, and it certainly does get hot. Ever since adopting this habit of taking better care of my air conditioner and making sure that I have the cooling that keeps me properly comfortable during the summer, surviving these temperatures have been widely easier. If you live in a climate that’s even close to being as hot as mine, then it’s a very good idea to keep your air conditioner well cared for like I do!


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