I just can’t figure out how to clean my air conditioner

I really can’t figure out how to clean the air conditioner in my house.

I have a central air conditioner, and I didn’t know the best way to clean the air conditioner.

However, I had to fix the central air conditioner because my health was beginning to show the fact that my air conditioner was not clean. I have allergies when it comes to dust and pollen. Normally, none of that stuff affects me, but whenever the central air conditioner starts to get dirty, I can tell. Whenever the central air conditioner is running, I start to sneeze and cough, and I realize that something must be done. However, I was struggling to fix the central air conditioner. While I was researching, I found out that normally, the air filter is the primary culprit. It took me forever to discover how to clean the air filter in my HVAC unit. Normally, the air filter is something that you have to replace often, but the air filter in my central air conditioner is the kind that you have to wash. Have you ever had to wash the air filter in your HVAC unit? It is not easy. Normally, when I clean the air filter, things get better. However, it was not working out very well. I realized that I might need to clean out the ducts for my HVAC system. However, I could not figure out how to clean the ducts. My ducts are hidden in the walls, and I ended up having to call an HVAC technician to have them fix the HVAC unit. However, it is worth it. The allergies are bad, and I can’t let my central air conditioner remain dirty.
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