I might make a career switch

I know that I need to make up my mind and stick with one plan for the rest of my life.

However, I just can’t seem to ever be content in the industry of my choice.

This is why I wind up changing jobs and interests so often. My family often teases me because they never know what I am going to be up to next. To be fair, I never want to stop learning and striving for the best job possible. This is exactly why I was so enthused when the local heating, cooling, and ventilation trade school finally started offering indoor air temperature control equipment repair, installation, and maintenance classes. I’ve wanted to learn HVAC for years, but there were no courses to learn about AC and furnace repair. Then, I received an advertisement from the local trade school detailing the upcoming heating and cooling educational courses. I was excited when I saw that I could enroll in these air conditioning and furnace instructional classes and signed up to join the heating, cooling, and ventilation repair courses immediately. Why wouldn’t I want to know about indoor air temperature control systems? It’s a potential way to get professional heating, cooling, and air quality control jobs down the line. Maybe I’ll be an HVAC technician someday. I mean, I enjoy knowing how to handle a basic AC or furnace repair and I like to make money. It’s 2 years away, but I am excited about the idea of increasing my life fulfillment through a professional heating, cooling, and ventilation career. Maybe I can’t make up my mind, but at least I’ll be comfortable while I switch jobs.
Air conditioning expert

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