I need to start saving money for higher summer time electric bills

My partner and I do not make a ton of money and so we have to suppose about all of our finances from 1 single paycheck to the next 1.

We have 2 small children, a pet, and a mortgage.

We live in a modest 3 bedroom mobile house on ten acres of swamp land. It might not be your dream house, however my partner and I are quite happy with it. Since we do not acquire any sizable amounts of money, we have to system for unexpected expenses, like doctor visits, prescriptions, and Heating and A/C repair… Last year, we had a complication with the cooling system and the summer time electric bills were over 35% higher than previous years. My partner and I had to transfer mountains to pay the higher monthly bills. After 2 weeks, we decided to call an Heating and A/C corporation to discern if the cooling system was laboring properly. The corporation had to make a few minor repairs and the bill was significant. We had to take a loan from the bank to pay for those repairs, because we could not spend the rest of the summer time without an air conditioner. I have to get a section time job in the night to help pay for the service bill. We are also going to need to get a new Heating and A/C component in the next year or 2, because the service will not last for long. This service has a a single year warranty, however we are on our own after that. There are not a ton of part-time jobs in this area, but I hope that I’ll be able to find something that will pay good wages.

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