I needed climate control in certain rooms

My apartment has consistently been a nightmare to heat and air conditioning.

It seemed like some of the rooms had an insufficient amount of vents to supply enough airflow to maintain comfort. A few of the bedrooms were not even linked to the duct system. Since I was unwilling to upgrade the furnace and a/c or redesign the whole ductwork system, I looked into some easier and cheaper solutions. I simply wanted to improve the comfort of a few of the rooms plus maybe lower utility costs a bit. I didn’t want to rip into walls, take out a huge house improvement loan or deal with a time consuming project. A little research online led me to ductless heat pumps. These devices consist of a compact outdoor unit that fastens to 1 or many lightweight plus streamlined indoor air handlers by way of a conduit. The only needs are mounting capabilities, access to power plus a 4 inch hole in the exterior wall to accommodate the conduit. Since the conduits are available in large line lengths, there’s neat versatility in the location of the indoor air handlers. Every indoor air handler includes its own temperature control that allows personalized, room-by-room temperature control. The system operates without a peep, provides both heating plus cooling capability plus is quite energy efficient. By utilizing flexible speed technology, the compressor is able to automatically adjust capacity to meet the exact requirements of the particular room. Also, by running at lower speeds for longer cycles, it maintains consistent comfort plus minimizes running costs.

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