Injury gets in the way of working out

I often push my body way too hard.

I am not good at accepting limitations and don’t like to ask for help.

During a recent remodeling project, I attempted to install drywall on the ceiling by myself. As a 5’2” woman in her mid-fifties, this was a mistake. Although I completed the job, I managed to tear my trapezius muscle. By the end of the day, I could no longer stand up for more than a minute or two before the pain became unbearable. I was restricted to lying flat on my back on the couch. I couldn’t walk up the stairs, wash my hair or even sit up. I took a double dose of Aleve every few hours and laid on ice packs. I was unable to move around for over three weeks. One of the biggest frustrations was my inability to work out. I am conscientious about my level of fitness. I normally exercise for an hour, six days per week. At my age, keeping active is especially important. I don’t want to lose strength, flexibility or stamina. I need to work on my balance and range of motion. After three weeks of inactivity, I had to ease back into my fitness routine. At first, I was only able to ride the stationary bike. I pedaled very slowly with no resistance and only for twenty minutes. It’s now been ten weeks since my injury. I haven’t completely recovered. I still need to be careful about putting too much weight on my left arm. It hurts to reach over my head.


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