It takes money to improve with age correctly, you know!

Many movie stars get better looking as they get older.

Why is that? The gentlemen seem to improve with age the most, like fine wine. I suppose that this is mainly because they start earning more money and can suddenly afford to take better care of themselves, unlike the rest of us. A prime example is Tom Cruise! That guy does all those Mission Impossible movies, but when he first started out, he wasn’t nearly as handsome as he is now. Risky Business? The Outsiders? He’s pale with crooked teeth! But now, he’s always appealingly tan, wearing this gorgeous hair and has perfectly straight teeth. The build he has is also something to admire. I’ve read that he performs all of his own stunts on all of his movies! He must be in terrific physical shape to do that. I would imagine that he has a personal chef as well, who keeps his diet perfect. There’s no way Tom Cruise is eating Burger King and snacking on potato chips each day! I suspect there’s also some kind of personal trainer involved, that works with him every day. Tom Cruise likely has workouts that are planned around him having maximum rewards from each session. The weights and reps he lifts are surely designed to create the most ideal muscle shape, all without creating a lot of bulk. The personal trainer most likely incorporates the right amount of cardio too, just to minimize fat and keep him looking sleek and trim. I work out every day, but I don’t have a personal trainer to keep myself motivated! While staying fit and healthy is helping myself and others age gracefully, I’m not improving with every birthday.


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