My Smart Thermostat Saved My Party!

Smart thermostats can prove themselves to be incredibly handy and convenient, especially in moments when you really seem to need them.

  • One such moment that I experienced a little over a year ago was actually during a party that I was hosting for my girlfriend at the time, in celebration of one of her work achievements.

I’d planned the entire party in meticulous detail, making sure that everything was perfect at every step of the way. Surprisingly, though, I’d forgotten one detail: my house’s temperature! Temperature is essential to comfort; it’s nearly impossible to have a good time socializing when you’re too busy shivering from the cold or fanning yourself from oppressive heat. As my guests started to come into attendance, it eventually started to occur to me that I should have adjusted my thermostat from far before they’d even begun to arrive in the first place. Thankfully, I have a smart thermostat, and it proved to be the thing that saved the entire party. Without my smart thermostat, my party attendants would have been kept in discomfort for the entire night; but luckily, because of its existence and the fact that I had it connected to my phone, I was able to access my smart thermostat from the phone in my hand and adjust the thermostat’s temperature to an appropriate degree even though I was in an entirely different room! I started to notice the people at my party experienced more comfort— they were shivering less, looking more comfortable, and seemed happier. Thanks to the convenience of my smart thermostat, I’ve been able to access so much comfort, even for the people around me, like the partygoers at my gathering.

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