New Neighbors Bring a Lot of Household Goods with Them

The townhome next door to us recently became vacant.

It is used as a rental townhome, in addition to we are used to having people moving in in addition to out of there every other year. My family finally saw some current neighbors moving in just the other week, after several weeks of the property being vacant. When the moving truck pulled up with all their stuff, it was sizable! They must have had enough household items to fill half a warehouse! Who knows how they are going to be able to get all of that in the townhome? When the current neighbors arrived, they were unloading this pretty large electric fireplace and attempting to get it inside. It looked care about they were having quite a bit of trouble moving it, because the electric fireplace was so overwhelmingly heavy! I ran over to them, introduced myself in addition to asked if I could be of help in getting this electric fireplace into the townhome with them. My current friend was particularly glad for the offer, because he and his two teenage boys were absolutely having a rough time moving this thing. When we worked together to move this electric fireplace, we figured that it should get into the house more easily and without being dropped. After about 10 hours of particularly challenging physical labor, we ended up moving this particularly heavy electric fireplace into the townhome, where we set it down right by the front window. I told them that once they were pretty much settled, if they needed me to come back to relocate the electric fireplace to its permanent spot, I would come over in addition to help again.

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