Procrastinating over replacing furnace

I know that I should have replaced my furnace a couple of years ago.

The heating system is over twenty years old.

Every winter, I can expect to face at least one repair bill. While it’s typically something minor and easily fixed, those costs are quickly adding up. I’ve also noticed that my monthly heating expenses are higher every season. Even when it was brand new, the furnace only achieved a 85% AFUE rating. Efficiency has certainly diminished due to wear and tear. There are now models on the market that promise 98% AFUE ratings. I could quickly recover the investment into a new furnace through lower utility bills. Plus, I’d have the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. I am a little worried that the heater is going to quit right when my family needs it the most. The winters in my local area are especially long and brutal. We often experience temperatures below zero. I really don’t want to deal with a malfunctioning furnace in the middle of a February blizzard. When the temperature drops to negative twenty degrees, we can’t get along without heat. I’d be stuck accepting whatever furnace could be installed the quickest. It would make more sense to schedule the installation project over the summer. That would give me the opportunity to research different models and features. I’d like to upgrade to zone control for the sake of superior comfort and energy savings. I keep procrastinating because a new furnace is a big expense and disruption. I know it’s a mistake. I have told myself that before the end of summer, I need to get a free estimate and get the process started.


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