Setting my sights on a vast opportunity but it came at a cost

There were great heights to be had in my industry, the sky was the limit.

I recently worked as a heating and cooling service technician.

My company, which I owned half of, was based in the south and we had many clients in the hot summer that were trying to stay warm. We loved them and our clients loved us. I knew what the opportunity in front of me was, it was a long work week with many hot days in it, but the pay and benefits were great. I decided to set out on a journey of improving and making my heating and cooling work much better. I wanted to get back to fixing air conditioning units, but the cost of the work physically was exhausting and I didn’t want to fix AC units all week anymore. I helped neighbors and my neighbors helped me out too. I helped my neighbors fix so many things from the pool pump, heaters in the winter, stereos in their son’s car to everything else you can name. I was very thankful to be a handyman in the neighborhood and able to help out. I did miss the grind and work I used to do as a HVAC technician but I was kidding myself if I said I missed the heat. I also lived in the south and the small tight spaces were formidable. The best way to have a good reputation in the neighborhood is helping out, and now we have big pool parties in the summer, everyone relaxes and stays cool by the pool.

HVAC service plan

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