Stationary bike is a beneficial workout

I shopped around for quite a while before purchasing a stationary bike.

Larger fitness machines are extremely expensive.

They also take up a great deal of space in the home. I knew that I’d only be buying one type of machine. I wanted to make the best possible choice. I researched treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stairmasters. While I initially planned on investing into a treadmill, I was worried about the impact on my knees, ankles and feet. Rowing machines are simply too big and stairmasters are just too boring. The only reason I chose a stationary bike over the elliptical was the price. I was able to afford a higher quality bike and spend less. I am very happy with my stationary bike. It has a comfortable seat and adjusts to accommodate the length of my legs. The touchscreen display is easy to navigate and keeps track of my workouts. I can choose between a variety of set programs and target time, distance or calories. It’s easy to elevate exertion by increasing resistance or pedaling faster. I can burn a great deal of calories very quickly, and it’s an enjoyable workout. The bike is super quiet, so I don’t disturb anyone else in the house. I listen to music while I pedal and read on my Ipad. There is a built-in fan that helps to keep me cool. It’s a great way to rest my joints in-between other types of workouts. I get a great cardio session without putting any stress on my knees and feet. I love riding the bike on days when I am feeling especially tired, sore or lazy.

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