The A/C fell off the counter and broke

I entirely dropped our A/C off of the counter as well as broke it.

I was so embarrassed about it, as well as I don’t suppose why.

It really was because of my pride. I should have waited for my sibling to help transfer our A/C. However, he was at the university. I didn’t want to wait until he came over after class to help transfer our A/C. I wanted our A/C packed away sooner. I decided to try to transfer our A/C on my own. That was a total mistake! I should have waited for my sibling to arrive at the house, but I had to prove to myself that I could transfer the A/C on my own. I could not transfer it myself that is for sure. I got the A/C out of the window, but I didn’t get it entirely far before I needed a break. I ended up setting the A/C on our study room counter while I took a break. Well, I decided to make some food while I was doing that. I tripped on the cord, as well as that pulled the A/C down off of the counter onto the floor. I heard a loud crash, I knew that something was broken! A chunk out of the corner of my nice A/C had broken off. Thankfully, the A/C still works, but it will never look the same again.
Heater maintenance

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