The best part about being in the home repair industry

The best part about being in the home repair industry is not only knowing how to fix everything in my house, knowing how it works too but also saving money.

  • I love not having to call a busy company up like an HVAC repair company when I can just repair my air conditioning unit myself.

The joy and peace of mind it brings is great, knowing how to fix my stuff and use all my tools. I know I do it for work and it can feel like a lot of work sometimes when I do that, but I end up learning even more about my house too and saving so much time and money. Even scheduling a company to come out and then having someone in your home causes a ruckus and some focus is averted towards that. Having the means to fix my own air conditioning stuff and the systems that are in my home is beneficial to myself and the family. I prolong the life of my heating and cooling equipment too, I check on it and make sure I fix the small issues before the big problems with my equipment come to the surface. I was very happy to be able to make my wife proud of me and also save the family money. I learned how to first fix plumbing things, then I learned how to do electrical and then I learned how to safely do HVAC work for myself and for a job. I taught some of my neighbors in the area how to fix certain things too and I gained some reputation as a handyman in the area.

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