The new manager forces many to leave the Heating and A/C dealer

My friends and I have all been laboring for the same Heating and A/C corp for the past 8 or 10 years, i forget now.

I have been with the corporation for the longest, however most of my friends have been here for at least 7 years.

The owner of the corporation was an outdated woman in her early 80s with a love for fishing, hunting, and relaxing. A lot of changes have been occurring in the past couple of weeks. The owner of the Heating and A/C corp retired and sold it to a very unusual lady. The outdated girl is going to spend her afternoons on a boat with a pole in her hands. Unfortunately, the new owner is much unusual than the outdated a single. The new owner is far less distraught with patron service and relaxing and more distraught with making money. I do not much like the new way of doing things and I do not suppose that our purchasers are going to be very glad either. We have a particular time to complete every job now, and that means a lot of running around and skipping steps. I no longer have time to stop and talk to every patron about their complaints and concerns. It does not feel like I am performing relaxing work. I would rather complete a full investigative service then miss a complication that could potentially cause any harm to the Heating and A/C system. One of my friends already provided her 2 month notice to quit and another buddy is looking for a new job. If all the people moves to a new dealer, I am easily going to look for other pastures as well.


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