The quest for filters

What started off as a seemingly simple task snowballed into something that took up my entire saturday.

My wife and I recently moved into a new place, and we wanted to have some people over for a housewarming shindig.

In the days leading up to it, we noticed the place was getting warmer but since it was so temperate outside it wasn’t a huge deal. Then the weather got warmer, more humid, and then the disparity became very noticeable and we realized there was probably something wrong with the air conditioner. We caught what I thought was a very lucky break, and it turned out the only problem was that the air filter had become clogged up. We checked the date on the side of the air filter and read that it had been in that system for well over a year, when it was the kind that needed change more regularly. Once we pulled the air filter from the system, the airflow returned to normal and the house started to cool down rapidly. The only problem with the air conditioner was the filter, so I went out saturday morning to get a new one before the party that night. It turns out that this system is very old, and uses a custom made air filter sold only by the HVAC company. I could order one online, but I didn’t have time to wait for this air filter, I needed it the same day! Long story short I spend 6 hours driving around looking for a stupid custom air filter.
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