There is great pleasure knowing how to fix the things in your own home

There is not only great pleasure in fixing your own things, it brings great satisfaction, but there is also great joy in saving money too.

I work in the home repair industry and for example, when my air conditioner breaks I save time and money by using my own tools to fix it.

The normal person or someone incapable of getting in the tight hot spaces to fix an HVAC unit would have to call someone else. Having my own tools comes in handy, there are amazing things to do with them and I always help out my friends and neighbors. My family benefits too because I end up saving money, checking my heating and cooling gear and prolonging having to get any repairs. I try to relax when I’m off and not fixing every little issue, but I love helping. I learned how to fix many things growing up, and most of the time it came from the family having multiple rental houses that I helped fix. Sometimes people would ask me to help after a while, and I gained a reputation as a handyman. I also learned how to fix air conditioning units because I had a few houses that ended up having faulty air conditioning units, I had to replace them with my cousins. My Uncle watched and taught us one summer as we replaced our HVAC system. I hated the hot humid home whenever the AC broke, I think this spawned my desire to learn how to fix it.

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