There is only one great way to stay cool in the summer, air conditioning

I love the modern technological feats we make as a society. We love to innovate and always out work each other. We love to come up with new ways to be faster, smarter and do things with less energy. The air conditioning system is a fairly new technological advancement in society. For thousands of years people had to depend on the shade, ice, water and other things like fans to stay cooled off. The ability to condition the temperature of entire rooms and even buildings was unheard of for many peoples lives. Entire generations of families have come and gone without some of the comforts we have had the comfort of knowing in the modern age. Thankfully knowing how to fix things, how they work and other things like fixing your own air conditioning unit instead of hiring a company all save you money. When you save time, you naturally save money. Everytime I have a big party and something goes wrong or breaks, we just team up and see how fast we can fix whatever broke. It’s really fun to sit around and brainstorm together. I fixed air conditioners for work, and I used to be a plumber when I was younger. I loved how I could help my friends, family and help myself save money and time by fixing my own things around my house. I got a reputation as a handyman, but unfortunately i’m the guy to call when the air conditioner breaks. I loved helping, but when I wasn’t hot and sweaty at work, I wanted to relax. Sometimes I lended the hand and taught others how to fix their air conditioner too.

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