They make scent booster for your home air filters

I have been making a ton of changes around the lake house, because I am spending a lot more time in this building.

Since I have been laboring from the lake house every single day, I have noticed a ton of little things that need to be fixed in the house; Even though I change the air filter weekly, there are still lingering smells in the air.

This lake house is almost 100 years outdated and some of the smells are due to age. I tried a few unusual ways to get rid of the smell, however it regularly lingers on in the air. A few weeks ago, I was doing some shopping at the local hardware store. I needed to pick up some paint, brushes, sponges, and cape. I was also picking up drywall, nails, screws, and a few other various and sundry supplies. I walk down the aisle that has air filters, so I could buy a new 3- pack. I only had a single left in the house. I saw something very neat on the shelf above these air filters. They had 2 unusual types of air freshener that is specially formulated for the air filter and the ductwork. One of those items was a gel cling scent pod that sticks inside of the air vents. The other item was a scent totebag that fastens directly to the air filter. The thought of going around the house to every air vent seemed like a few minutes of working, so I chose the easier option. The smell of vanilla filled the air, however it did not last more than a few minutes; Next time I’ll try the individual scent boosters.

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