Why having an Uncle as a neighbor is so great

My Uncle was my neighbor for the last few years, he always helped me with so many things.

When I got my new house and moved near him, he fixed my plumbing problems, taught me how to fix my air conditioner and my washer machine.

I was very thankful and took notes with what my Uncle taught me. Uncle Teddy worked as an air conditioning repairman and a stock trader, he worked at different times depending on how he felt. There were great things he knew, I could tell. He told me stories about his air conditioning units breaking on him as a teen and having to learn how to fix them, even before he got paid to fix HVAC units commercially. That was hard to think about, growing up and going up to the attic to fix your own air conditioner. There is a lot of mess, fiberglass, wires, tools and hot tight spaces involved in fixing an HVAC machine. Impressive tasks were what I gave my Uncle and not only did I help but I learned. I was thankful when I had a big summer pool party last year and my Uncle came over and helped me fix the air conditioner as soon as it broke, saving my party and the chances with my wife. I eventually ended up fixing the things around my house, my fan, my radiator in my car and other things. I loved doing what I did and I even taught my other neighbor Bob a few things that my Uncle taught me.

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